Gustavo Paiva

Software Engineer


Software Engineer excited in building reliable applications with a little help of Observability, Kubernetes and other Cloud Native applications. Passionate about Open Source and the Go Community. Currently working as Site Reliability Engineering to create reliable and innovative products that make users happier.

Work Experience

Site Reliability Engineer

Stilingue | Apr, 2019 - Present

  • Worked with developers to improve reliability and quality of services. Ensuring that new projects are developed following good practices, tested and observable.
  • Empowering Software Engineers to build reliable and efficient Cloud Native Applications using GCP and Kubernetes.
  • Implemented and Advocated monitoring best practices using tools like Grafana, Prometheus and Pagerduty.
  • Collaborated with peers to promote internal meetups to share experiences and knowledge.

Software Engineer

Stilingue | Aug, 2017 - Apr, 2019

  • Learned and Implemented a microservices architecture based on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Consul.
  • Team up with other Software Engineers to solve hard problems and design new features.
  • Contributed and maintained Gitlab CI pipelines to test, create and publish docker images for several java projects. These were then deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Designed and Implemented social media crawlers that fetches millions of posts daily through APIs.

Software Engineer Internship

Stilingue | Oct, 2016 - Aug, 2017

  • Developed small features and bug fixes to existing applications with help of other Software Engineers.
  • Improved my skills on Java, Git, Design Patterns and others basic software engineer skills.



Open Source - Maintainer

k9s is a command line application to manage kubernetes cluster with ease. I started to contribute to this project for personal needs and after sometime Fernand (creator of k9s) gently asked me to become one of the maintainers. Since then I try to devote part of my time to help answering questions about the project, fixing bugs and improving it.

OpenTelemetry Go

Open Source - Approver

Observability is one of my big interests as a Software Engineer. I was first introduced to the OpenCensus project. When I've found out about the merging of OpenTracing and OpenCensus, I thought it was a great opportunity to learn more about this topic with an hands on experience. Currently, I'm one of the approvers of the OpenTelemetry Go project.



  • 2017 ยท Improved heuristic algorithms for the Job Sequencing and Tool Switching Problem